50th Reunion Alum Shots

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Photos contributed by Brian Boyle

Thanks to the hard work of many HMC67 alums1 and a tireless HMC staff2, our 50th Reunion rocked!

Though the College's own professional-grade photographers were busy at every event and moment,
this "HMC '67 50th Reunion Gallery" is a place where we may add our own (amateur-grade) snapshots.

And as the many interactions at this Reunion demonstrated, those of us who made it this far in life,
(as well as too many that, so sadly, didn't,) turned out to be a relatively remarkable group of people.

The goal of this website is to give is all a place to share some aspects of those lives with one another.
That includes our professional accomplishments, of course --some were singled out over the weekend
as Outstanding Alumni and more will undoubtedly follow-- but it should also include the aspects of our
personal lives that we are most proud of: our families, our histories, our hobbies, our hearts -as vital as
our heads- to who we are and how we wish to be remembered. (Not morbid or maudlin -- just realistic.)

In that spirit, this site includes a more general "HMC '67 Reunion Gallery" for any photos you may have
and are willing to share from previous reunions, get-togethers or College-related trips and events AND
an even broader "HMC '67 Memory Gallery" of uploaded personal photos (some scanned from ancient
wet-chemistry artifacts from our misty pre-digital past) beyond personal portraits on our profile-pages,
images to let us learn a little of the lives we all have led in the last L years since leaving our HMC nest.

1 HMC'67 50th Reunion Committee (Alumni):
    Penelope J. (Gach) Barrett, Brian J. Boyle, Bob (Robert J.) Herling, Charlie (Charles F.) Johnson,
    George F. McNulty, Hugh J. Saurenman (& Linda, the Hostess with the Mostess), Gary J. Schantz,
    Bud (Harry S.) Simrin, Charlie (Charles K.) Westbrook

2 Amazing HMC Staff (without whom the Reunion would have been impossible):
   Jake Ayers, Coordinator for Alumni and Parent Relations
   Joanna Callahan, Coordinator, Alumni and Parent Relations
   Jennifer Green, Director of Alumni and Parent Relations
   Christine Harrison, Assistant Director of Projects
   Dan Macaluso, Vice President for Advancement
   Arran McNabb, ’06, Associate Director, Alumni and Parent Relations
   Tracy Telliard, Assistant Director of Alumni and Parent Relations
   ...and the whole amazing support system we counted on who all came through admirably!

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